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2017-2018 Registration information and fees

Our 2016/2017 season will begin early September, 2016 and go through until March 2017. Our Association continues to work hard to keep ringette an affordable sport to play. 2017/2018 fees will be $235 for U7/U9 players, $260 U10-U19. Open divison; scrimmage night only $60

2017/2018 Age Groups: (ages are as of December 31, 2016)

*discounts are available for families with 3+ players

1-2 hours of ice/week : U7 2012,2011, U9 2010,2009,2008(if brand new skaters)

2 hours of ice / week : U10 2008,2007 U16 2002,2001

U12 2006,2005 U19 2000,1999,1998 U14 2004,2003 Open 1997 and earlier

*****Open Division has limited registration spots available*****

Please mail to PO Box 531, Terrace BC, V8G 4B5 or contact Tiffany McLeod at [email protected] or phone 250-631-2602 to arrange drop off.

For more information about registering with Terrace Ringette

email [email protected] 

or contact our registrar Tiffany [email protected]

What are the Basic Rules of Ringette?

Ringette is played with a ring and a straight stick.

The ring is hollow and made of rubber. Sticks are not recycled hockey sticks. Companies produce sticks with tapered ends with steel, aluminum or plastic tips. Different styles, flex and weight are available.

Ringette is played 5 on 5 plus goalkeepers.

Teams are usually made up of 11 to 17 players; with six skaters on the ice at the same time (a goalie, two defense, a centre and two forwards).

The ring is passed at every blue line.

A player cannot carry the ring over a blue line in either direction. The ring must be passed over the blue line to another teammate. That teammate is permitted to skate ahead of the ring carrier and already be across the blue line before the ring crosses it.

Players never enter the goalkeeper’s crease.

If the ring lands in or on the crease, the only player who can touch it is the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper usually picks up the ring and throws it to a teammate. The goalie has five seconds to pass it out of her crease.

Players have 30 seconds to take a shot on net.

Teams ages U12 and older have 30 seconds to take a shot on goal after they gain possession of the ring. If time runs out on the shot clock, a buzzer sounds and the other team is awarded the ring.


In the offensive zones the game is played 3 on 3.

You will notice the free play lines (small red line at the top of the circles) on the ice. From this line to the end boards, it’s a game of 3 on 3. Players can rotate in and out of the free play zones producing a lot of movement and creativity.

There is no intentional body contact.

Ringette promotes a no-contact policy when it comes to the physical aspect of its game. Penalties are given when a player, makes excessive body contact with another player, checks a player too high on the stick, trips, hits or interferes another player.

What Equipment will my Player need?

Ringette players wear protective equipment.

Players wear hockey skates, a neck guard, elbow pads, shoulder pads, shin pads,  jill or jock protection, hockey gloves and either a ringette girdle and pants or hockey shorts and socks. Helmets with full-face mask are mandatory. The masks must have triangular or tight horizontal bars to prevent the stick from penetrating.